Medicines: Predicted

Medicines are getting more expensive to develop. These days, it takes about $1.8 billion and 15 years for a single new drug. Atomwise aims to change that by using supercomputers to predict, in advance, which potential medicines will work, and which won't. Our tools can tell the difference between great drug candidates and toxic ones, and discover new uses for old medicines. We take the same artificial intelligence breakthroughs that power self-driving cars, online search, and virtual assistants and put them to work for human health. The result is fewer test tubes, fewer experiments, fewer failed drugs. Just better medicines, faster.

We replace test tubes with supercomputers.

The Atomwise Advantage

Using computers to discover medicines is a great idea, but execution is everything. With lives and budgets on the line, accuracy matters. Previous attempts haven't always met expectations. The techniques of the day were limited by the knowledge and computers available. Today, things are different. We have invented cutting-edge machine learning algorithms that are built specifically for the world's most powerful computers. We use one of the world's top supercomputers to analyze databases 1000 times larger than those used in the past. This lets us deliver what many others can't: precise and reliable medicinal predictions.

Atomwise is exceptionally accurate.

For a Healthier Tomorrow

21st century health challenges need 21st century solutions. Today, drug-resistant bacteria and pandemic viruses threaten to send us back to the time of plague and smallpox. Persistent, neglected diseases remain a dark spot on our collective conscience. And while we're all living longer, diseases of aging like Alzheimer's still have no cure. Atomwise has the unique ability to research hundreds of millions of potential medicines rapidly, making it fundamentally easier to tackle these big problems.

We aim to help solve the biggest health challenges of our time.