We want to change the way medicines are discovered and developed.


Dr. Abraham Heifets

Abraham is an expert in big data and high-performance computing. After completing his B.Sc. and M.Eng. at Cornell, Abraham worked on high-performance computing at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center. As a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto, Abraham created SCRIPDB, one of the largest public databases of patented chemical structures, and LigAlign, a protein analysis tool used by researchers in 70 countries. Abraham was also named a fellow of Massey College and the Ontario Brain Institute.

Dr. Izhar Wallach

Izhar is a leading researcher in the field of pharmaceutical algorithms. After completing his B.Sc. at the Technion, Izhar went on to develop new approaches for reducing bias in molecular docking models during his PhD at the University of Toronto. Most notably, he invented the widely-used Virtual Decoy Set technique. Izhar also has strong industrial experience from his time at Keddem Bioscience, where he worked on small-molecule drug discovery.

Alexander Levy

Alexander is an entrepreneur with experience bringing technology from the lab to the market. As CEO of MyVoice, Alexander took software developed at the University of Toronto for people with speech disabilities into more than 30 countries and was featured by Discovery Channel, Engadget, Fast Company, BNN, CBC, and CTV. Alexander was named PROFIT Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year and the University of Toronto's Inventor of the Year.

Misko Dzamba

Research Scientist
Misko is a bioinformatics and computational biology specialist, holding B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Toronto. As a researcher, Misko lead the work that sequenced the monkey herpes genome, and invented new techniques for identifying the genetic factors that contribute to Autism. Misko was also instrumental in the development of several leading research tools, including SHRiMP, VARiD, and MDUST-P.